Forgotten Florida (no city skylines) active 7-24-11

A focus on the unique aspects of Florida

Recent Work

  • SUNSET STORM by Claire Moreau
  • Phalaneopsis Aphrodite Orchid by Rosalie Scanlon
  • BUTTERFLY CATCHER  by Mary Sedici
  • weary by james smith
  • Folsom Trail by Diego Re
  • TWILIGHT TIME by Claire Moreau
  • crabgrass creek by cliffordc1
  • The Fisherman by enchantedImages
  • summer morning by kathy s gillentine
  • Beautiful Nature by Laurie Perry
  • Heron and Morning Mist  by Warren  Thompson
  • Ducks by Rosalie Scanlon

About This Group

The sunshine state is a treasure trove of beautiful places. We want to showcase the less seen side of our beautiful state. Show us your backroads, hole in the wall places, small towns and hideaways. Show us what being a Florida Cracker is all about, or give us your interpretation of it.
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