Food at the Vic Markets, Melbourne

Compete and get your photos published in a new Australian Cookbook based on Fresh Food at the Vic Markets

Recent Work

  • Fresh pepper and spices by Aviana
  • Fresh basil and herbs for the kitchen by Aviana
  • fresh mushrooms with chilli decorated by Aviana
  • Modern chili and coffee beans by Aviana
  • Blueberries potty in a country style by Aviana
  • Grapeshot by TonyCrehan
  • Tomato City by TonyCrehan
  • Our Daily Bread by TonyCrehan
  • Queen Victoria Night Market by rafstardesigns
  • Loves blueberry fruits by Pawel Paszkowski
  • Nashi Pears - So Juicy by TonyCrehan
  • Know your Onions by TonyCrehan

About This Group

We are looking to publish a new Australian Cookbook themed on the foods available at the Vic Markets.

Over the coming months we will be setting challenges where we will target the different aspects of the market, and will hopefully build a library of images which will be used to complement the new Vic Market Cookbook

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