We are about Photography. This group is for the New Photographer as well as the Experienced Photographer. No Spiders Accepted


  • Rex Stone by Peter Krause
  • Butterfly On Water Lily by RickDavis
  • I am a rock by Greg McMahon
  • Horse Lips by Yampimon
  • Little Wooden Bridge Over The Sella  by Ralph Goldsmith
  • Caspar, The Friendly Blot Test by metriognome
  • Blinman Pools, Flinders Ranges,South Australia, by Kay Cunningham
  • Fjaerland Glacier flowing in Norway.  Scandinavia. by Kay Cunningham
  • Three little Shrooms by kalaryder
  • Castle Combe Street Scene by trish725
  • Relax by lizdomett
  • Friendly Rose Bud by KazM
  • Contrasts!  Erskine Falls, Victoria, Australia.  by Kay Cunningham
  • Sunflowers in sepia  by Margaret Stanton
  • Feathers by trish725
  • Songshi Quan  by Karen Tregoning
  • Spring Buzz by Tracy Jones
  • Kereru- New  Zealand Wood Pigeon Portrait by lizdomett