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The Challenge

Find a good out door area to photograph and get your best depth of field.
Using settings for DOF from this chart.

50mm f2.8-—-f4-—-— f5.6-—-—f8-——f11-—- f16-—-—f22

10’ 9’1”/11’1” 8’9”/11’8” 8’4”/12’6” 7’9”/14’ 7’2”/16’6” 6’4”/23’7” 5’7”/47’11”
inf. 93’/inf. 66’/inf. 46’/inf. 33’/inf. 23’/inf. 16’/inf. 12’/inf.

Judging / Voting Criteria

Obviously, some of us won’t know to much about DOF, but give it a try. Pick the picture that appears to be the best. Look for the depth.
Focus, lighting, and clarity

Rewards & Prizes

Avatar and homepage with small write up of you from your profile.

Additional Information

On Depth of Field
Depth of field (DOF) refers to that part of a photograph that appears to be in focus. It exists within a plane perpendicular to the axis of the cameras viewpoint. The photographer chooses which affect of depth of field to choose. Narrow DOF tends to separate the subject from an out of focus background while greater DOF incorporates the background as an essential element in the photo.
A photographer has three tools to manage the DOF, choice of lens, aperture and focal point. The focal length of a lens affects one element of the DOF available from that lens. Generally speaking the shorter the focal length of the lens, the greater the DOF. When set at the same aperture and focal point a longer lens will always have a shallower DOF then a wide angle lens will. A focus point 2 feet from the camera will have less DOF than a focus point of 10 or 100 feet. Aperture selection is the third tool. When a lens is stopped down to, let’s say f22 it will always have greater DOF then if shot wide open at f2.8

Cover Image: Ash Canyon by Ann Warrenton


The Top Ten

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