Flowers in Vintage Pastel

~Beautiful, Soft, Pastel Flowers. Photography only.~

Recent Work

  • flowers for her by VictoriaHerrera
  • Winter Reed in Pale Colors by denis-romanov
  • Butterfly on Cherry Blossom by Morag Bates
  • Fresia's growing wild by Lozzar Flowers & Art
  • Nature I by Gben
  • Wild Geranium by Eileen McVey
  • Pink Lace Roses by CarolM
  • Window Box by Eileen McVey
  • Lovely Lotus by DonnaM
  • Spring Pink by SexyEyes69
  • White Ginger by Eileen McVey
  • *Just Joey and friends -Spring 2018 by EdsMum

About This Group

A Fine Art group not for just any ordinary flowers, but ones that have been photographed and produced in a way that shows a Dreamy, Soft, Light, Pastel or Vintage tone. This doesn’t mean out of focus. Poor quality works will not be accepted.

No harsh, dark, sharp images or vivid, bright colours; just soft airy images either processed by using ‘Actions’, ‘Presets’ ‘Layers’ ‘Soft Textures’ or simply your own processing techniques No straight-from-the-camera shots. No patterns.

No out-of-focus or poor quality images will be accepted.

Images must have been softened. We offer a help forum in achieving this technique with links, tips and advice.

Some Actions you can use:

Florabella Collection

Here are some examples :

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NB: Images added to the group may be used as challenge avatars or banners.

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