Flower in Macro (A PORTION of a FLOWER)

Group Rules:

1. We want to see the hidden world of flowers, what lies within the heart of a flower.
The kind of stuff you don’t always see at first glance until you look deep within a flower. We want to see details of flowers that is best captured with the aid of a macro lens/macro settings, magnifying filter, reversing the lens or use of extention tubes.

2. Images are to be artistically approached – NOT snapshots from a garden.

3. Only 2 submissions per day (max 20 images per person)

4. Camera info and settings details are preferred but no longer required. But in the spirit of helping fellow members and others learn about macro photography we encourage you to let others know how you obtained the image quality by putting that info in the description of your work.

The following images will NOT be accepted:

Whole flower images (those should be submitted to “Close Up” type Groups)
No Photos with obvious manipulations, layers, textures, HDR, borders, frames, text or collages
No images with more than one flower, close ups of whole flowers, bunches of flowers, floral arrangements, artificial flowers, etc.
No Dandelion Seed Heads, Leaves, Twigs, Seeds…as these are not a flower
No insects/critters on flowers, but pics where the insect is incidental will be
accepted as long as the main focus is on the flower, not the insect.
No poor quality images, for e.g. blown out whites, too soft focus

If members do not adhere to the new rules and repeatedly post images not suited, then members will be removed from the group without notice. The Hosts are volunteers and spend their free time and dedication to the group and its members. As such they only ask that you familiarize yourself with the rules and apply them when submitting your images to be moderated.

If you have any problems or queries, please contact us via the Forum or BubbleMail.
We’ll be happy to assist you!

See below for examples of images recommended

Most of all – have fun and enjoy this group.