Flowers in Macro ❣️ (FULL FRAME MACRO)

Photography - MACRO - means VERY, VERY close up. FULL FRAME

Recent Work

  • Rose Series 2 - Black and White by ctheworld
  • south african daisy by codaimages
  • Sunny Love I by João Almeida
  • White as Snow by João Almeida
  • Red Flower 20190313 0182 by Fred Mitchell
  • Today, I didn't feel like shaving. by alan shapiro
  • Gerbera Daisy - Black and White by ctheworld
  • Dark Anemone by Ann Garrett
  • Dazzling in Red - Tulip by imaginethis
  • Beauty of the Banksia by imaginethis
  • Yellow Nasturtium by Betty Mackey
  • Morning Crocus by Kathilee

About This Group

REDBUBBLE is changing it’s format. Default Image ONLY will be accepted
This group is to enable everyone who has a passion for both flowers and macro photography to showcase their very best images.Good quality images please. Low quality or unappealing images will be rejected. Host decision is final. Make sure the macro flower is full frame, as in NOTHING AROUND IT!

Please include the actual lens in your description, and if your image is not true macro work, filling the entire frame, it will be rejected.

Several flower heads are not deemed to be macro and will not be accepted.
WHOLE flowers (unless only ONE filling the entire frame) are also deemed not to be macro and will not be accepted

Attention to detail, clarity, composition, lighting, white balance and color is very important. We aim to show how detailed flowers can be and to show the small details not seen with the naked eye, such as the carpels, veins, filaments, stigmas, pollen, etc. The beauty of each flower will be magnified and enhanced through your lens.
(What Exactly is Macro Photography?
The terms ‘macro’, ‘micro’ and ‘close-up’ photography can be confusing. The important thing to remember is that macro means ‘large’ and micro means ‘small’. Therefore, if the subject you are photographing is small but you make it look big, you end up with a macro view of a micro subject.
True macro photography is where you photograph something very small and the lens has the capability of seeing the finest detail. For example, the finest detail of a flower can only be captured with a macro lens.

We only accept high quality natural images.
No borders or lettering on images allowed. Minor post processing adjustments are acceptable.

No insects or bugs on flowers, will be accepted
No clothing images accepted (make sure your default is IMAGE ONLY) (Feature banners cannot be posted on images that appear as clothing)

Chosen by host from featured works: by Jessica Manelis

Please be aware that images in the group may be used as challenge avatars or banners.
New Hosts:
ctheworld 11 Jan 2019
TeAnne 12 Jan 2019

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