Flower in Macro (MACRO no snapshots)

Photography - your best - only. MACRO lens in description please.

Recent Work

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  • Sun Setting On The Moore's Road Track by Ben Loveday
  • "SUNSHINE" by Magriet Meintjes
  • Princess Alexandra of Kent.......  by Elaine Bawden
  • red center by Manon Boily
  • English Roses by Alyson Fennell
  • Beauty Unfolding - Vibrant Pink Water Lily Bud by BlueMoonRose
  • Sweet Spot by Kasia-D
  • Pink Beauty by Vickie Burt
  • Macro SunFlower  by bonidog
  • iris from my garden by gaylene

About This Group

This group is to enable everyone who has a passion for both flowers and macro photography to showcase their very best images.

If lens used is not in your description, if image is deemed to be a snapshot and not macro work, it may be rejected.

Several flower heads are not deemed to be macro and may not be accepted.
Whole flowers (unless very tiny) are also deemed not to be macro and may not be accepted

Attention to detail, clarity, composition, lighting, white balance and colour is important. We aim to show how detailed flowers can be and to show the small details not seen with the naked eye, such as the carpels, veins, filaments, stigmas, pollen, etc. The beauty of each flower will be magnified and enhanced through your lens.

We only accept high quality natural images as found in nature.
No borders please. Minor post processing adjustments are acceptable. Camera lens detail preferred and can make the difference between works being accepted or not..

No insects/critters on flowers, but where the insect is incidental your work may be accepted so long as the main focus is on the flower, not the insect.

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Inner Beauty by Cynthia48

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Group started 19th August 2008 by Kim Davitt and Yool.
Please be aware that images in the group may be used as challenge avatars or banners.

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