Flowering Bulbs

Flowers growing from bulbs, not seed


  • Anemone & Candy tuft by AnnDixon
  • Gladiolus by Ana Belaj
  • Just for you by Ana Belaj
  • Lilycrest Hybrid by Marilyn Cornwell
  • A Golden Splendour by Marilyn Cornwell
  • Bright Tiger by Eileen McVey
  • Snowdrops by lezvee
  • Whispers Of Spring by AngieDavies
  • Lady in red by Rosie Brown
  • Reblooming Orchid by Eileen Brymer
  • Under A Tulip Umbrella by AngieDavies
  • Two Lilies by Marilyn Cornwell
  • Dahlia in Black and White by Marilyn Cornwell
  • Amaryllis by lezvee
  • Flag Iris watercolor gouache flower painting in ultra violet hues by Sarah Trett
  • White Amaryllis by cclaude
  • Double Amaryllis by AnnDixon
  • In Dreamland by Marilyn Cornwell