Flower works - TEXTURED Layers applied - 2 images per day

Group for textured layers added over flower photography only. **IMAGE FORMAT ONLY**

Recent Work

  • Blue Bells with rain drops by Malcolm Heberle
  • Misty Pearl Cosmos by Colleen Cornelius
  • Beauty of Music. by Karen  Betts
  • Birthday wishes for September by vigor
  • Spanish Poppy. Orange Flowers. Textured and Toned. by Barbara  Jones ~ PhotosEcosse
  • Kos Poppies by Carol Bleasdale
  • Concealment by wildpatchouli
  • Ecstasy  by CJ Anderson
  • Delicate Dewdrop Blossoms by Kbytes
  • Rosebud Opening with Dill by Kbytes
  • My Love is Like a Red Red Rose by debidabble
  • Regal Beauty by Linda Lees

About This Group

TEXTURE LAYERS APPLIED TO PHOTOGRAPHIC FLOWER WORK ONLY PLEASE – 2 images allowed per day ( rule change June 2017 )

Still Life works (with vases and other objects) are invited to the Still Life Florals group and may not be accepted here.

Examples of what the group is all about

WELCOME TO THE FLOWER WORKS ~ a group for lovers of texture layers and flowers photography

All flowers must be manipulated by way of having visible TEXTURES applied. Host need to see these external textures that you have added. If subtle, as in for example ‘screen’ or ‘soft light’ in Photoshop, please state in your notes what you have applied in textures please. Otherwise they’ll be rejected as we can’t see the texture.

Not accepted images with just blurred edges, water reflection layers, filters only, any other digital process and software – paint programmes, vinaigrettes layers, fractals or flower on plain backgrounds

NO straight photography can be accepted.

Textured layers only applied

Host decision on whether images fit the group is final.


Message sharing the features news!
Featured images and challenge news ~ 22.8.2018


Your favourite flower ~ August Challenge ~ OPEN

Open Now for enteries 2 days left to enter

This month’s Challenge results

Please come and congratulate CJ Anderson for their win with this beautiful image.

3 Divas in white

Image is clickable if you wish to leave a direct comment

Please come and stroll through the flower garden of 2017.
Even pick and select a flower if you wish

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Please note:
By submitting your images to the group, please be aware that they may be used within the group for features and challenge and group avatars.

Thank you!

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