Flash Fiction

Group Rules:

Please observe RedBubble etiquette – play nice, don’t go crazy loading dozens of stories in one day, and keep those stories under 150 words. (The Redbubble automatic word count includes your title – you don’t need to. So, eg if your count is 154 words and you have a 4 word title, you’re spot on!).
Submissions to Flash Fiction are approved or rejected in the first instance by one host. On receiving a rejection you may send a polite bubblemail to any one of the hosts asking for reconsideration, at which point all hosts will participate in a majority vote. No further discussion or debate will be entered into.

Please ensure any journals you post to Flash Fiction relate directly to the group in some way eg discussion on a theme or a particular story in the group, or opportunities and competitions for writers. I prefer you don’t use it to talk in very general terms about your own activities – unless it’s the writing process for a story you have posted in Flash Fiction.

Again, it must relate directly to the writing in this group. Sorin’s “The Lock” is here because it was used for a challenge. If a piece of your own art has inspired your story, then it can be posted but the description must explain this. If it’s someone else’s art, you can invite them to submit it to our group, but again they must include in the description which piece of work it relates to.

There are monthly challenges. The themes are posted in the Flash Fiction forum and a bubblemail will be sent out at the start of each month as well. Entries should be pasted in the forum topic for that month (it helps judging significantly) but don’t forget to also post your story normally, i.e. as a piece of writing within the group.