Flags in motion

Flag: "a piece of cloth, varying in size, shape, colour and design." So simple yet so evocative and meaningful. What do you see in a flag?

Recent Work

  • Stars and Stripes by Mike Higgins
  • Brooklyn bridge by Mike Higgins
  • POTUS Trump: "I'm a nationalist." by Alex Preiss
  • Banner of the Silver Hand by WoodenDuke
  • Proud to be a Yellowbelly! by niki2028
  • A Destin Sunset by Kay Brewer
  • LGBTQ "Tearing A New One" by BlackCheetah
  • Qatar "Tearing A New One" by BlackCheetah
  • Catalonia "Tearing A New One" by BlackCheetah
  • India "Tearing A New One" by BlackCheetah
  • United Arab Emirates "Tearing A New One" by BlackCheetah
  • Indonesia "Tearing A New One" by BlackCheetah

About This Group

Flags are a common denominator throughout the world. They permiate through human culture in every corner of civilisation and produce immense emotion in those viewing them; pride, passion, hatred. This poignancy is not presented by many things as simple as a piece of cloth.

They stand for many things, good or bad, country, organisation or team, pride or fear, and exude a spirit of their own when revealing the great power of wind that people do not otherwise see. This ever-changing movement presents an unusual photographic challenge, whether the flag be an evocative symbol or a simple decorative device.

Show us how you captured the flags you have seen around the world, how they interact with their surroundings and tell us what they meant to you, the people who put them there or the energy they gave.

The rules are clearly “flags” but flags often fit into the background as strongly as they do the foreground. If you think a flag adds an additional layer of meaning or atmosphere to a photo, then present it here.

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