Fine Art of the Female Form

Fine artworks showcasing the female form.

Recent Work

  • don't worry, be happy by 1oldman
  • cool water by 1oldman
  • Shani by Roz McQuillan
  • Female nude, charcoal & pastel by Roz McQuillan
  • in the grotto by 1oldman
  • Antoinette by Roz McQuillan
  • Kaleiscope - sunset dance by 1oldman
  • Red by Cliff Vestergaard
  • Driftwood by Cliff Vestergaard
  • Balance by Cliff Vestergaard
  • In the Garden of Hesperides by MoonSpiral
  • Sowilo by MoonSpiral

About This Group

Fine Art of the Female Form is a collection of artworks from some of the most superb artists on Redbubble.

We are looking for beautiful art that displays the female form. Our aim is to form a collection of fine art that could be displayed on a gallery wall.

The group will be by invitation only to reduce the amount of spamming that could occur given the subject matter and to maintain the integrity of the group’s art.

All art genres are accepted, in fact we are looking to display a variety of different styles to show diversity in our collection.

If you feel as though you can contribute gorgeous, tasteful art to this group please Bubblemail either of the hosts.

See the group rules and join this group here

Membership of the group is by invite only.