A group honoring those lush green carpets of moss, the delicate beauty of ferns, and the unusual forms of lichens and liverworts from everywhere around the globe. Algae, seaweeds, and fungi are also welcome!

Recent Work

  • Rocks, Moss And The River Fowey (Cornwall) by lezvee
  • Frosty Moss by cuprum
  • Violet Toothed Polypore by Otto Danby II
  • Who's first? by Manon Boily
  • Eagle Weed (pattern) by Yampimon
  • Red Forest Beauty by cuprum
  • Little Mushroom in the Woods  by lorilee
  • The Colony  by lorilee
  • Composition in Rock and Lichen by Yampimon
  • Seashell Fungus  by lorilee
  • Pretty Turkey Tail Fungi  by lorilee
  • Moss Covered Landscape, Nelson Falls Walk, Tasmania by Christine Smith

About This Group

Mosses and ferns are the ultimate forest plants, growing in places of green, shady lushness or, in some cases, in sand and sun. These plants are diverse in size, color, shape, habitat, and locations. They can be found from the misty cliff sides to the drier beach edges.

In the language of flowers, ferns mean Magic, Fascination, Sincerity, and Confidence. This information was kindly provided by Marilyn Cornwell.

NOTE: We now include mushrooms and other fungi, algae, seaweed, lichens, molds, and liverworts in these images. Adding: Princess Pine, Lilies of the Valley, Wood Anemone flowers, Blue & White Bells & Woodland Trillium all forest beauties!
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