Feminine Intent

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all there ever was and all there will ever be ~ Feminine Intent ~ June 29, 2014

tori yule tori yule 8211 posts

Delight and a sense of wonder are two things I feel as I browse our gallery. Feminine Intent’s talented artists are innovative, engaging, and truly gifted. Your work never ceases to amaze me. They are all truly beautiful. Art is such a large part of our everyday lives that some people may take it for granted, but since art gives us a way to be creative and express ourselves it is important to so many. Even if we never sell a piece, or get much feedback, the joy of creating is what matters. Gratefully thanking all our members for sharing your work with us. It is an honor and privilege to co-host our group with Susan, and it is a great pleasure to create our galleries.

Title taken from a line in the poem The Magician by RC deWinter

The Magician
by RC deWinter

by Sherri Nicholas

wild floral
by agnès trachet

Garden Bike Flower Basket
by DeeZ

by Nurhilal Harsa

by Marilyn Grimble

along the waters edge
by vigor

The Hover and Slurp
by TeresaB

Now you see me
by Sandrine Pelissier

Abstract Shell Art
by Marilyn Harris

Verdugo House, Tucson, Arizona
by Linda Gregory

Birds of a Feather
by Susan Werby

Gumnut Dress (commissioned work)
by RichesRoad

Feather weight
by Lynn Starner

Embrace The Night
by RVogler

First Day of Summer 2014
by Eileen McVey

Just Breathe Deeply
by Georgia Mizuleva
tori yule tori yule 8211 posts

Congratulations to our featured artists!
Your work is beautiful!

Photography  by Mathilde Photography b... 3353 posts

Congratulations to all on your features – your work is amazing and certainly inspiring. This is a wonderful selection Tori – a great choice

Marilyn Grimble Marilyn Grimble 931 posts

Thank you for including my iris – from my garden pond.
Hearty congratulations to my fellow artists too. Mxx

NaturesTouch NaturesTouch 63 posts

A wonderful selection!

goddarb goddarb 2126 posts

Lovely and provocative images, Tori!! congratulations to all featured artists!!

Susan Werby Susan Werby 2663 posts

Truly gorgeous features in this gallery, Tori…greens dominate the overall aura of “all there ever was and all there will ever be” beauties.
My congratulations to all who create… I totally agree that the act of creating is our gifts to ourselves. To co-host with Tori is an honor and humbling experience… Thank you, Tori, for asking me to join you…

And finally my congratulations to those featured here- inspirational and each so different from one another. I am honored to be included with my Birds of a Feather.
Thanks, Tori!

Marilyn Harris Marilyn Harris 501 posts

Congratulations to all fellow featured artists! Stunning collection Tori! Thank you for including my Abstract Shell Art. :)

autumnwind autumnwind 8237 posts

Beautiful features!!! Congrats everyone!!!!

Celeste Mookherjee Celeste Mookhe... 21012 posts

Such wonderful artwork on display here. Congratulations to all the featured artists!

SherriOfPalmSprings Sherri Nicholas- SherriOfPalmSp... 2791 posts

Hi Tori, I am so thrilled to be featured with my I AM…image, You have such a lovely group you and Susan….I looked again thru all these beautiful pieces of such beautiful.art….Congratulations to you Susan and all these wonderful artist…Thank You so much for Including I AM

Love those those words Susan, “all there ever was and all there will ever be” I have always loved that….thank you to both of you lovely ladies

TeresaB TeresaB 2306 posts

Congratulations to all featured artists!! Such beautiful selections, tori!! Thank you so much for including mine!!

Lynn Starner Lynn Starner 195 posts

Beautiful selections! Congratulations to all the artists! Thanks so much for including mine!

RC deWinter RC deWinter 592 posts

What a great collection of work, Tori, thank you for including mine. Congratulations to all featured.

tori yule tori yule 8211 posts

Loving the work in this gallery!
Thank you all for your support of our featured artists,
and keep filling our gallery with your amazing work.

Alison Gilbert Alison Gilbert 859 posts

Beautiful art!! I agree Tori, “the joy of creating is what matters”. I feel this so strongly… but it’s also wonderful to share and see all the unique expressions of other people too. You and the other hosts not only create great work, but are the bridges that are needed to make this community happen!!

Susan Werby Susan Werby 2663 posts

Beautiful words, Ali…You are what makes this group such a success- thank you!