Favourite Fantasy Creations- Looking for a Co-host

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Recent Work

  • Callie by tigressdragon
  • Butterfly Queen by tigressdragon
  • Bubbles by tigressdragon
  • Hiding From Stinkbottom Troll by Richard Fay
  • My keeper by 1chick1
  • Mermaid fantasy portrait by Ellerslie
  • Ambre by StellaRinaldo
  • The Green Fairy by tigressdragon
  • Twilight, Surreal Portrait, Fantasy  Art, Pastel Painting by clipsocallipso
  • T-Rex bird  by Yoshi2000man
  • Fairy Of The Earth by Niina Niskanen
  • Boneweight Class by Randy Turnbow

About This Group

FFC is a group for artists that specialise in the field of Fantasy. We would like to see works you can weave a story from. We accept most media’s: Digital, painting, photo manipulation, drawings. We won’t be accepting Fractals, Kaleidoscopes (this means no abstract work!!!), Photographs-no snapshots or straight off the camera works or Nude’s(we will accept nudity as we see fit, if it is in good taste, but anything of a sexual nature WILL BE REMOVED; this is a family friendly group) – there are plenty of groups for this kind of art on RB.


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