Curious Vintage Fictions~ON HIATUS~HOLD YOUR POSTS

Strange, photography-based creations with a faux vintage feel.

  • SLAVES OF TECHNOLOGY by Larry Butterworth
  • Quote The Raven "Never More" by Elizabeth Burton
  • Waterdome by AngiandSilas
  • Mouse Mother by AngiandSilas
  • Lady*** by mariasole oste
  • Bird Watchers by forgottendream
  • THE LADIES CLUB by Larry Butterworth
  • Catherine's wheels by Susan Ringler
  • The spiderman is always hungry... by Susan Ringler
  • Cranium by Anji Johnston
  • Moon Cottage by dawne polis
  • Stealing Christmas by AngiandSilas
  • Steamboat by WinonaCookie
  • the birth...or death...of Venus by Susan Ringler
  • fantaisie provençale by dawne polis
  • Intergalactic Roadtrip by Ben Ryan
  • Adventures of Alice by Þórdis B.
  • All thats changed #8 by gnolan