Fan Fic Frenzy

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Crazy for You

This challenge closed over 8 years ago.

The Challenge

This is a challenge that has to do with being a fan, in every sence of the word.

The word fan is short for fanatic and this can be veiw as an obssession! Most of us fans are indeed obssest, some more than others…guilty as charged! Heehee.

IN this challenge enter or create a painting, drawing, any art form, of a star, or fictional famed figure. BUT not just any star or other wise with in the lines of FF, but one that you are NUTS about, crazy for, wish was yours!!!

The art can be realistic or abstract. Be creative.

Judging / Voting Criteria

look for that “spark” that tells you the creator really loves the subject.

Rewards & Prizes

Added to the featured artist wall of fame, and group icon till the next challenge

Additional Information

don’t enter a famed person just to enter the challenge, only enter one that you are CRAZY for

Cover Image: Something In Layla by Alice McMahon


The Top Ten

Clint Boge by Simon Aberle

Clint Boge by Simon Aberle was voted the most popular entry in this challenge with 2 votes.

  • Doll Reaches Out by Amy E. McCormick
  • Revamp by jussta
  • House by Meghan Koesters
  • Vendetta (Natalie Portman) by Xtianna
  • Lance by antsp35

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