Fairy World

Group Rules:

© tammara
Guidelines for submitting artwork
Please keep to the original concept of what a fairy is.
They are usually 1 Inch to 12 Inches.
Artists must only upload their best work to keep the standards of this group high and make it a group that we all can be proud of.
Cute Forest animals are allowed but there must be a fairy in the artwork!
All level of artists are welcome.
All digital and traditional mediums are accepted.
Tastefully done nudes are OK.
Photography images of models posing as fairies are allowed.
Snapshots from fairy festivals are allowed but please only submit good quality images. We would love to see your photos from the festivals, maybe you had a stall or met other fairy artists, we would love to see your photos of the day!!
Not Allowed
No uncropped, blurred or badly scanned artwork.
No nude or sexy pin up style 3D doll fairy art. (Tastefully done 3D doll art is ok)
No snapshots of babies/animals with wings.
Writing Guidelines
Please keep your fairy writings short and engaging!!
Journal Guidelines
All members are encouraged to use the “Fairy World Journals” to let us know about ..
Fairy festivals & events.
Fairy tutorial & drawing techniques.
You sold a fairy print!
Anything fairy related.

The Fairy Queen’s Group Policy – The Host – Me!!
The host reserves the right to remove any work without prior warning to the artist, from the group or any challenge that does not adhere to both group and redbubble guideline rules. Never ever take it personal in anyway, you will always be a valued member of the group. Just because your artwork was not accepted, does not mean it was not good enough, it will be because it does not fit in with what we are doing at this time or the usual reason I remove an image, “There is no fairy in the artwork”. :-/