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Recent Work

  • MAKING FRIENDS by Tammera
  • Web Making by Gill Nicholas
  • Finding a prince by Gill Nicholas
  • Sienna and the Deer Embrace the Cherry Blossom Tree by Michelle Tracey
  • Resting with a unicorn by Gill Nicholas
  • Raven by Gill Nicholas
  • Titania - Queen of the Faeries by KimTurner
  • Luna Moth - fairy with Luna Moth wings by KimTurner
  • Child of Lilies  by Niina Niskanen
  • Woodland Faerie  by KimTurner
  • Luna Goddess with Luna Moth wings by KimTurner
  • The Tragedy of Deforestation  by tinaschofield

About This Group

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What are fairies?
Fairies are angels who reside very close to the earth so that they can perform their Divine mission. Some fairies have wings like dragonflies, while others have butterfly-like wings. Unlike guardian and archangels, fairies have egos. In this way, they’re similar to humans in that they make judgments. When fairies meet you, they judge you for how you treat the environment and animals.
(by Doreen Virtue)
All submissions await approval
Only fairies and elves are allowed into Faerie World.
All mediums are welcome.
Submit as many artworks as you like, no limits in faerie world :-)
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