Eye Macros

Artwork focusing on Human and Animal Eyes

Recent Work

  • Vietnamese Tree Frog by AnnDixon
  • A gazing eye by Art-Boulevard
  • Rainbow In The Sky by pARTicia
  • Looking For Rainbows by pARTicia
  • Chalk Meditation #6 by InfinitePathArt
  • Now it‘s your turn to cry  by pARTicia
  • Human Mosaic by KiVie
  • One Eye And Two Heartbeats by pARTicia
  • Look Don’t See by pARTicia
  •  Geisha of the Abyss by KiVie
  • Eye of Love by InfinitePathArt
  • Eyes Looking at You by Jacyncas

About This Group

A group to showcase CLOSEUPS of Human and Animal eyes

The Emphasis is EYES One or Two
If a partial face, the EYES must be the main focus

All Mediums of Artwork
Clothing as per group rules pertaining to the showing of closeups of the eyes
No journals
No writings

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