EXPLORING AMERICA (MUST list state in text!) No Products, Shops Images, Composite photos or fake snow..3 a day limit

Fine Photography ONLY from the Lower 48, Hawaii & Alaska

Recent Work

  • Niagara Falls NY - View From Luna Island by Susan Savad
  • Autumn Creek Landscape by John Butler
  • The Old Log Barn by RickDavis
  •  Matanuska Glacier by Alla Gill
  • Street Chalk Artists II – San Rafael, Marine County, CA by Rebel Kreklow
  • Male Anhinga in the Morning Sun by TJ Baccari Photography
  • Blooming Summer by Alla Gill
  • Green Peace  by lorilee
  • Personal Poolparty by Bine
  • Neshaminy Creek by David Lamb
  • Presidential Caboose by Nadya Johnson
  • Stars/ Stripes/ Presidents by Nadya Johnson

About This Group

Our Accepted Area is the USA: ALL the States, including Alaska and Hawaii. (Not Canada, not Mexico, not South America, NO Territories or Colonies: Only the USA)

INCLUDE THE STATE IN YOUR DESCRIPTION or your title! If it isn’t there the work will be rejected No exceptions*.

Repeated rejections by the same aritst, and they will be removed from the group…..

NO UN level Horizon Lines, Blurry or Out Of Focus Images…No Blown Out highlights….Quality work only…….

NEW RULES!..as of 1-26-2018…..NO DIGITAL COMPOSITES in photos. NO FAKE SNOW!!!….As in Brushes, Gimmicks, Composites and items that are NOT actually IN the original photo…PHOTOS ONLY, no Painted or Digital ART…ITEMS, like Chairs, Toys and Generic Things that can be from Anywhere, are no longer allowed….It will be on a case by case basis……Layers, Filters, Texture, (NO fake snow) and HDR is ok, as long as we can STILL SEE its a Photo of a Certain Region…..

Also, USE THE IMAGE-ONLY DEFAULT when you upload!! Art and photos can be available as any products, but we want to see a PICTURE when we open up your image, not a pair of leggings or a mug! If we see an i-phone cover or a tote, etc. we WILL reject your work. This includes framed prints. These are difficult to work with and/or feature from our end.

No “generic” Happy Snap photos, please. Quality Only….To qualify, work should be unique to the state or portion of the country represented, whether obvious (like the Grand Canyon, or “Downtown Chicago”) ~ or implied: as in a sense of time and place/locale ~ things, places, people not readily mistakable for being elsewhere in the world.

Hosts reserve the right to reject submissions too generic, or which have no sense of place.

Please read remainder of the rules before submitting work.




Centennial Park , Hardin Montana by Ann Dixon


The Long View – Monument Valley, Utah, USA by TonyCrehan


Southwest Christmas by Sheryl Gerhard


Tilt A Whirl by mal-photography

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At EXPLORING AMERICA, we showcase FINE PHOTOGRAPHY and ART from and about the USA. This includes the Lower 48 as well as Hawaii and Alaska. Nothing Canadian, or from Mexico, etc..

We invite your very best. Our aim is showing off the BEAUTY and UNIQUENESS of our country, whether urban, wilderness or rural. We want to see the Best in the incredible variety of towns, cities, farms, gardens, tourist destinations, native wildlife, people, plants, foods, festivals, events…. anything and everything depicting Life the Way it Is (or was) in the United States.

All mediums are welcome (photography, paintings, drawings, etc) but remember, this is not a group for fantasy, surrealism or extreme effects. (Creative, artistic enhancement is fine, and we do accept historical renditions; but please ~ no abstracts, where we can’t determine what we’re looking at!)

To qualify, ALL work should be unique to the state or portion of the country represented, whether obvious (like the Grand Canyon, or “Downtown Chicago”) ~ or implied: as in a sense of time and place/locale ~ things, places, people not readily mistakable for being elsewhere in the world. Whether it’s a landscape, flower, building, beach or barn ~ whether an Event, a festival, a crop, a food, a statue, rock formation or a waterfall~ we’re looking for material that says “United States,” not Sydney, Rome or London. The more specific to your area, the better!

Don’t flood the page. Keep submissions down to 4 a day. Remember, we’re interested in quality, not quantity! OOFS (out of focus shots), photos with poor exposure, lighting issues, crooked horizons where they should be straight, poor composition or any other obvious flaws will be disqualified. Collages and triptychs are acceptable provided all the images comply with our requirements, and black and whites as well as monochromes are welcome, too. No excessive FX, and no “just graphics,” please: we don’t take slogans or comic-art or team logos (not unless they’re photographed in an actual location, like a pub).

No violence or gore, NO animal abuse, NO racism, hatred, or inflammatory propaganda! No nudity, except perhaps on statues. Play Nice, and Keep it Tasteful! This is a family-friendly group. Hosts will reject anything we deem offensive, racist or obscene, or not in keeping with the spirit of the Bubble or the group!

Please check ALL the rules/ next page before submitting work.

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