Group Rules:

1. No pornography – artistic nude may be accepted
2. Must be relevant to the Group: NEW things – not just any old photos.
3. You SHOULD INCLUDE in your tags or in the description the word “EXPERIMENT” (or “Experimental.”) Please add a description of WHY your work is experimental, too. We STRONGLY ADVISE the inclusion of the word ‘experimental’ in the image description; however works that are clearly experimental (because of the information you provide in the description) despite the lack of the word will still be considered. “Flukes” and “mistakes” can come from experiments, so feel free to submit them as long as they are good quality.
4. No images that are advertising art for sale outside RedBubble. They will be removed.
5. PLEASE describe the experimental/new aspect of the work.
5. Multiple submissions of the same experimental result or fluke or attempt probably won’t be accepted. If you do it over and over again, it’s probably not all that new…
6. Have FUN :D

Basically, what we’re looking for is an experiment, as the name suggests.
Journals are always interesting if they are related to experimenting with art and writing.

Group Hosts reserve the right to reject or remove anything we think isn’t of a high enough quality or doesn’t comply with these guidelines.

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