Everything Old a New Treasure - Antiques and Historic Items/Building (man-made before 1970) - Please add age/date of manufacture to your picture

Take us back in time, with your photographs, sketches or paintings of antiques. Whether pristine condition, lovingly restored, or valiantly exhibiting the character of years of wear.

Recent Work

  • Arlington Row, Bibury - Cotswolds, England by Marilyn Harris
  • A digital painting of An Early 19th century Paddle Steamer in Desperate Circumstances by Dennis Melling
  • The Ruins of St Denys's Priory Church, Southampton, Hampshire 1124 by Dennis Melling
  • Inside The Gatehouse by lezvee
  • The Copper Kettle, Much Wenlock by wiggyofipswich
  • Brougham Castle - Cumbria, England by Marilyn Harris
  • Germany. Bavaria. Wieskirche. Organ. by vadim19
  • Williamstown Railway Pier, The Early Days of Melbourne's Harbour, Australia 1894 by Dennis Melling
  • The Cathedral of St Andrews, Sydney, Australia, 1868 by Dennis Melling
  • Brighton Pier, Brighton Pier... by Alexandra Lavizzari
  • 1965 Impala Super Sport  by Thomas Burtney
  • Germany. Bavaria. Wieskirche. by vadim19

About This Group

The focus of this group is antiques and historic items/buildings.

Time frame: ancient through the 1970s. Nothing newer than that.

Here are a brief resume of the rules. PLEASE CHECK FULL RULES before submitting your pictures. Thank you.

ALWAYS include information about the antique being featured (what it is, where it was photographed, approx. age/date of manufacture, etc.). Antiques are interesting; let’s share knowledge along with the capture.

REMEMBER – it is always the final decision of the hosts whether an image is accepted or not.


We love to see chandeliers, furniture, time pieces, jewelry, vases, tapestries, statues, and tools; granny’s wedding gown, great-granddad’s mustache cup, granddad’s opera glasses, and mother’s wooden rocking horse handed down from one generation to the next. Fountains, ornate staircases, carriages, and more! Items manufactured before 1970.

Entries can be heritage listed building and recognized historical landmarks such as homes, horse stables, churches, theatres, covered bridges, and other structures built within our specified time frame, even older if you find them. Trains, trams, vehicles, and also boats accepted within our guidelines.

Images or Photos of people are accepted in the following categories:

1. Photos or drawings of people that ARE accepted are those in antique or vintage dress or those that are re-enactors. the important part of accepting images of PEOPLE is what they are WEARING and the role they are playing in the re-enactment.

2. Books, catalogs, cards, paintings or drawings that depict people in clothing from an earlier time.

3. Old photographs of people that are clearly from before 1970 are accepted, because these photos would be considered a treasure, heirloom, antique

(Please read full group rules before joining or submitting photographs)




Victrola Talking Machine by RickDavis

Wardens Sideboard by Yampimon


Aunt Maud in 1888 by Kenneth Hoffman

AVATAR / NO BUILDINGS…1st August 2018

Start of the water part of the Klondike Gold Rush by Yukondick

Old Timer by Ian Berry


Vintage Steiff Lion by Bine

FURNITURE …3rd February 2018

Olde Tyme Learning Centre by LarryB007

AVATAR/OWN CHOICE 10th December 2017
Now Alone & Silent by AnnDixon

Today’s Person In Yesterday’s Clothing 11th November 2017

A Colonial Lady in Her Garden by SummerJade

Antique Music Making 19th July 2017
Old Time Rock n Roll by Barbara Brown

Antique Chinaware 1st May 2017

Royal Vale Bone China by lezvee

A CASTLE 9th April 2017

Moritzburg Castle by ©The Creative Minds

A MAN MADE ITEM 21st December 2016

Wash-stand from the fifties by Arie Koene

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