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PROUDLY SHOWCASING: Pure & Crossbred Drafts and ALL Carriage Horses

Recent Work

  • Shire Horse & New Foal by AnnDixon
  • City - Boston Mass - Morning at the farmers market - 1904 by Michael Savad
  • City - Norfolk Va - Hardware and Liquor - 1905 by Michael Savad
  • We're Coming - Hold Your Horses ! by missmoneypenny
  • Two Clydesdales at Churchill Island - 2015 by Bev Pascoe
  • The Clydesdale by Trudi's Images
  • Days In The Dust by Trudi's Images
  • Clydesdales lining up for a photo shoot. by Bev Pascoe
  • Days Of Thunder by Trudi's Images
  • A Little Bit Country by Trudi's Images
  • The Old Mail Coach (Cob & Co) by Lyn Green
  • Autumn Harrow by Trudi's Images

About This Group

This group is about showing off the draft, drum, heavy, coldblooded horse breeds. Both purebreds and crosses are allowed. We have also extended the group to include horses & ponies in harness – working with plough or pulling carriages – as it better reflects the work appearing here.

Please include breed details if known!

Horses/ponies that are obviously not of heavy type will be removed from the group without discussion – there are many horse groups on RB for other breeds. Please adhere to this one rule!

See the group rules and join this group here

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