Wild animals natural in their enviroment. Will accept paintings of dogs & cats but no live ones.


  • Can You Curl Your Tongue? by AspenWillow
  • Baby Manatee taking a swim, Tiny World Environmental.jpg by ANoelleJay
  • Morning Before a Long Journey by Valentina Gatewood
  • Classic Hummer! by Anthony Goldman
  • walrus and calf by StudioCorvid
  • Butterfly Profile by lezvee
  • 'Spring is when life's alive in everything' by Thea 65
  • Robin song by StudioCorvid
  • Les Boeufs musques/The Muskoxen by Shulie1
  • Works for peanuts by PhotosByHealy
  • Sleeping by indiafrank
  • Close-up Hecale Longwing by Jo Nijenhuis
  • Tiger Head Portrait by Marian  Voicu
  • Great Horned Owl Posing for His Portrait by AspenWillow
  • Cape Barren Goose by Vickie Burt
  • Winter Fashion by Heather King
  • Wood ducks out for a swim by TJ Baccari Photography
  • I spy with my yellow eye by Heather King