Everyday Women ~ Only 2 Works Per Day ~

featuring fine art by, for and about Everyday Women

  • Unable to See by Karen Nadine Smits
  • Love is by Lissie EJ
  • Bare Island Fort by sienebrowne
  • A Walk in the Woods by Nadya Johnson
  • Fascinating Bottlebrush Grasses by Georgia Mizuleva
  • Venus with accessories....persevere is diabolical by anaisanais
  • Lone Unicorn  by KALE  Heart
  • The Test of Time by Kathilee
  • Christine de Pizan by Alexandra Melander
  • Curley by twopoots
  • You Cannot See Me by Bunny Clarke
  • LAST SUNSET of 2018 by Marilyn Grimble
  • Crown and Dots Your Home is Mine by vic4U
  • Winter Deer by Barbara  Brown
  • Sierra Sundawg by Barbara  Brown
  • Lady Scorpio by Chanel70
  • Love Australia by Jenny Wood
  • Long Gone by debidabble