Even-toed Ungulates (2 per day)

Group Rules:

~ This group is dedicated to mammals with even numbered or cloven-toed/hooves. (Listed on the overview page)
~ Please have the Correct Identity & Location of the animal in either title or description.
~ No horses, dogs, cats, birds or any animal with odd numbered toes or hooves unless it is accompanied by an even toed mammal in the image.
~ No images with dead animals or human cruelty demonstrated in the image, ie no hunting images unless its animal on animal.
~ Please upload only your best Photos! No snapshots with red-eye & glowing eyes, please edit before uploading to RB.
~ Please keep the subject in focus! Not in the far distance or behind a fenced area.

PHOTOS ONLY. We are no longer accepting oil, pastel, pencil, acrylic paintings or computer-generated images.

Layers, and textures are allowed as long as they enhance the subject.

PEOPLE are allowed as long as they are in supporting roles.

DO NOT submit images of HORSES, DONKEYS, RHINOS, ELEPHANTS or ZEBRAS: they will be removed without notice

~ Have fun and encourage others in a positive way!