European Everyday Life (include the place)

Images dedicated to everyday life in Europe

Recent Work

  • The Tree by Gben
  • Not Quite Grey by kawe
  • Land - An Evening Walk  by Carl Gaynor
  • Grandpa's Little Helper by Francis Drake
  • Over the Valley by Rorymacve
  • Squaaad! 'Shun! by Francis Drake
  • Springtime in Italy by Viv Thompson
  • Valley River by Viv Thompson
  • The light on the jetty by cclaude
  • 191 - Roses by CarlaSophia
  • Gallivanting Around Seville is .... by Georgia Mizuleva
  • Primary Colours by Viv Thompson

About This Group

Please submit your photography and design, which deals with everyday life in Europe

We would like to see typical buildings, portraits, food, nature, historical objects, city scenes, rural calmness……….. everything you like, as long it is TYPICAL EUROPEAN (this means typical German, Polish, French, Swedish, Italian…)

Please include in your comments THE PLACE where the picture was taken, without this it will be not accepted!!!

We look forward to seeing your wonderful images…

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