THE COUNTRIES OF THE OLD CONTINENT: EUROPA This is the group that brings the flavours of this continent together to create a mosaic of images that redefine Europe as we know it today.


  • Stay Gold by Diogo Pereira
  • Miles of Sand on Chrissi Island by Kasia-D
  • Heavenly Display by Kasia-D
  • The Rock of Cashel by annalisa bianchetti
  • Battle Of Britain Memorial Flight - Sunderland Airshow 2017 by Andrew Pounder
  • Misty mountains by ewkaphoto
  • Love Message on Plaza Mayor in Madrid Spain by Georgia Mizuleva
  • In the stork's nest ... 2 by MarekM
  • In the stork's nest ... by MarekM
  • The White Cliffs and Dover Castle 1839 by Dennis Melling
  •  The Port of Antwerp, Belgium, showing the Cathedral of Our Lady  by Dennis Melling
  • The Guards by Lucinda Walter
  • Reflection by metriognome
  • Contemplation by metriognome
  • Deep in the Forest by metriognome
  • The Celtic cross by annalisa bianchetti
  • Riga Clock Tower by wiggyofipswich
  • Black Sheep of the Family by Paul James Farr