Ethnic Art

Works of Art based on ethnic elements or stories or representing the ethnic style

Recent Work

  • Alpacat by Sophie Corrigan
  • Dia de los Muertos by Heather Friedman
  • Cosy Sockmouse by Sophie Corrigan
  • Bandicute by Sophie Corrigan
  • Apericot by Sophie Corrigan
  • Rich Tea by Sophie Corrigan
  • Hog Chocolate by Sophie Corrigan
  • Goody Two Shrews by Sophie Corrigan
  • Vintage paisley henna ornament by Argunika
  • Boho paisley by Argunika
  • mgs dracula by ururuty
  • raven by ururuty

About This Group

Art is a means by which a culture gives shape to its own unique relationship to the world. It provides a bridge to the past and sustenance for the future. As the world becomes ever increasingly global these connections are in danger of being broken. So in an effort to preserve cultural and ethnic identity we have provided an outlet where individuals can submit work that represents and celebrates not only their own ethnicity but any work ethnically inspired. As many artists of the past have sought inspiration by delving into ethnic roots we can assure that this vital aspect of artistic expression will not be lost and the link to the past will be maintained and reshaped to address the modern world.

We will also be posting historical cultural references in the forums. You are welcome to join, share your own news and ideas and invite others.

Ethnic Symbolism of Colours: Blue

Ethnic Symbolism of Colours: Yellow

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