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  • SteeleSwan

    Libera Me [2] by SteeleSwan

    Liberty, your birthright.…

    Carte blanche, your living canvas.

    Oppression, the antonym of your precious existence.

    Strolling, one sunny Sunday I passed a disused warehouse,

    Londons’ East End,


    136 words
  • SteeleSwan

    Just Another Bloody Lunchtime. by SteeleSwan

    The unelected arbiters of taste’s,…

    Inalienable right to dictate moral standards

    Interfere with the production of all art

    In the name of standards. Waving standards.

    Censorship, be it the government q

    166 words
  • SteeleSwan

    Libera Me. [1] by SteeleSwan

    Seized, grabbed, bullied and buffeted,…

    By proclaimed fallacies.

    Myth rampaging through previous lives,

    Every one of which seems seeded by fortuitous ineptitude.

    Tell me now old friend,

    What did you d

    170 words
  • SteeleSwan

    A Free World. by SteeleSwan

    Regarding the world,…

    Through the wrong side

    Of the barred circus freakshow.

    Dwarves out of work,

    Shaven bearded ladies,

    Strongmen barbered into weakness by muti-limbed Delilahs.

    Contortionists expell

    136 words
  • SteeleSwan

    ...the blindness... by SteeleSwan

    To the blindness of my pirate queen…

    I raise a glass, a glass unseen.

    Until the ruby mist subsides,

    Until the warmth of love abides.

    To you I offer all I treasure,

    Life and love beyond all measure.


    153 words
  • SteeleSwan

    Children of the Gods. by SteeleSwan

    The children of so many gods must die…

    To fulfill the ambition of their priests.

    And what of the atheist?

    The claimant of rationality.

    The first to perish?

    The last survivor?

    It’s a waiting game

    And I

    43 words
  • SteeleSwan

    T.H.C. for Carers. by SteeleSwan

    When dealing, willingly or unwillingly, with unusual and extremely strange circumstance,…

    Remember that the creature, your charge, was once a coherent and, albeit fallible,

    Sentient being.

    Respite car

    178 words
  • SteeleSwan

    Living with Dementia..... by SteeleSwan

    Never rely on your family,
    They cannot produce the goods,
    No matter the fact that your care is ‘in house’
    Over days, weeks and months and years.…

    Never rely on your siblings,
    They’re too busy with their o

    247 words
  • SteeleSwan

    B.P.............! by SteeleSwan

    Buckingham Palace.

    Blatantly Preposterous.

    Boisterous Paleoliths.

    Black Poodles.

    75 words
  • gabbielizzie

    Not Just Elderly Men by gabbielizzie

    It was not just elderly men were tattooed by the Nazi regime. The women and children were also marked. They watched and listened and cried as millions of Jewish people were being tortured, forced to …
    780 words
  • SteeleSwan

    Stoned. by SteeleSwan

    Accused and summarily convicted, By man made law constricted, …

    382 words
  • SteeleSwan

    Arogant? Religion?..... by SteeleSwan

    Fascinating, isn’t it? The offense one can cause… …

    74 words
  • Ehivar Flores Herrera

    The normal ones by Ehivar Flores ...

    Hearts to the drift in this ocean of steps
    minds maturing in abstractions without comprehension
    bodies fitted to aims of others
    minds narrowing itself before the fear…

    The fugitive acceptance of the n

    142 words
  • AlienVisitor

    How I Create the Worlds of Alienvisitor by AlienVisitor

    For anyone at all interested!…

    Some say why would you give away your secrets, I say, without my imagination the secrets will never be revealed.
    So use this how you will……………….

    My DA’s take anywhere fro

    691 words
  • AlienVisitor

    Zorind Rakkmnn aka Alienvisitor /part the 3rd by AlienVisitor

    part the 3rd…

    Zorind looked at me almost like an elder, he said just after activation he happened to touch a withered root in the furrow, its seedling gone.
    He says he felt something, a feeling, but th

    529 words
  • AlienVisitor

    Zorind Rakkmnn aka Alienvisitor /part the 2nd by AlienVisitor

    part the 2nd.…

    As I was saying Zorind was a bit of a rebel, always pushing, needing more than than hiss fellow seedlings.
    One day while basking in the rays of Zan, he came up with the idea that he want

    374 words
  • HansBellani

    My Salute To Sam by HansBellani

    “no one steals unattended baggage, it’s the over guarded things, these thieves are after” He’d said. He’s always full of unbelievable propositions that we all laughed about later, anyway….

    995 words
  • SteeleSwan

    The Duplicity of Aging... by SteeleSwan

    Strains of early 70’s Rock music emanating, at some volume, from her room.…

    Memories of yelled censorship in teenage years flood back like a malevolent


    “Would you please turn that devil drive

    139 words