Art of Erotic Visions - 2 per day

2 per day - strong, new, captivating and origional erotic art

Recent Work

  • Peacock feathers by aka-photography
  • field of gold by 1oldman
  • Natalia f by markphotos1964
  • Harley3 by markphotos1964
  • LowKey Beauty 003 by BodyscapeAGU
  • Night Lighting Workshop by Tony Ryan
  • Summer in the city by AnnSp
  • Body You - Fine Art Nude Project by Velvet Photos
  • Sexy Naked Female Body by Velvet Photos
  • Nude art girl in black and white photo by Velvet Photos
  • Black and White Nude Portrait of Sexy Brunette by Velvet Photos
  • Nude Fine Art Portrait of Sexy Girl by Velvet Photos

About This Group

Accepting submissions of artwork with a clear graphical sexuality about it. Erotic work with a vision.

Erotica is part of life and has been the subject of art throughout the ages. This group aims to continue to celebrate this subject matter in a tasteful and thoughtful manner.

We do not except abstract flower vulvas, poor quality or heavily manipulated images. We admire well lit imagery with a strong personal style.

Most work is rejected because it is not erotic enough, or of a poor quality or similar to work you’ve already submitted to this group. The selection in this group is based on the personal tastes of the moderators. The ONLY criteria is: We like your work, or we don’t. Rejection does not mean your work is bad, it just means it doesn’t suit our guidelines.

Max 2 images per day

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