British Painters

A place to meet fellow painters, share ideas, opportunities and recommend exhibitions.

Recent Work

  • Katya2 by ururuty
  • Giraffe's Stand Tall by Pamela Saville
  • Through the woods by Alan Harris
  • Heading towards Tower Bridge by Alan Harris
  • Thistle Sketch by AndiPi
  • bayonetta by ururuty
  • maria by ururuty
  • New Born _ Giraffe by Stephie Butler
  • Moonstruck by Lorenzo Castello
  • Bilberry Reservoir by Rachael Gorton
  • free your something iii by ururuty

About This Group

A group for British Fine Artists

Please only submit what you consider to be your best work, the work you are most proud of. We discourage bulk submissions of work, ideally 2- 3 submissions a day. (more will be removed)

A place to meet others, share ideas, recommend exhibitions, advertise studio space, the potential to organize exhibitions with fellow members. Advertise your own exhibitions. Enjoy meeting fellow British painters!

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