Recent Work

  • Let's Have A Garden Party! by Rene Crystal
  • Pink Ranunclus by Penny Smith
  • Glorious Gazania by Penny Smith
  • Calla In The Garden IV by Al Bourassa
  • Budding Rose by Helen Purdy
  • ...and then his head exploded. by alan shapiro
  • Green Fingers..........!! by Roy  Massicks
  • Orange Rose on Dark Blue Background by CarolineLembke
  • Peekaboo by Lesliebc
  • Daffy With a Bug by Penny Smith
  • Orange Ranunculus by Penny Smith
  • Shut Tight by Penny Smith

About This Group

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The group reserves the right to remove any art work, without prior
warning to artist from the group and /or any challenge that does
not adhere to both group and RedBubble guideline rules


Avatar/Christmas Flowers – 05/12/2018

Red Bells by SieneBrowne

Avatar/Lily in Macro – 05/10/2018

Heart of a Lily by Vette

Avatar/Three of Us – 07/9/2018

Three Frangipanis by D.Palmer

Avatar/Three of Us – Co-winner – 07/9/2018

Spiderwort Trio by Lorilee

Sunflower Challenge – 11/8/2018

Textures of a sunflower by John Thurgood

Avatar/White Rosebud – 27/7/2018

White Elegance by Heather Friedman

Avatar/Beauty & the Bee – 30/6/2018

Bumble Bee- Fall Aster by TJMartin

Deep Red Close Up Flower – 20/6/2018

English Field Poppies by HeidiAnneMorris

Avatar/From the Back – 31/5/2018

Inward Pleasure by Jessica Manelis

One & a bit – 18/5/2018

Chinese Magnolia Flower by Debi Dalio

Avatar/Macro Gerbera Daisy – 10/5/2018

Pink Gerbera by Ann Dixon

Three of me – 10/4/2018

Snowdrops by Lorraine Wilson

Avatar/Rose-Closeup – 26/3/2018

Two colors Rose by Debby Scott

Pelargonium/Geranium – 14/3/2018

Pink Pelargonium by Mike Squires

Pelargonium/Geranium – Co-Winner 14/3/2018

Pelargonium – Spring Debut by Michael Matthews

Avatar/Hydrangea – 20/2/2018

Remembrance by Nadya Johnson

A Bud Opening – 10/2/2018

New Cosmos Bloom Awakening by Celeste Moorkerjee

A Bud Opening – Co-Winner 10/2/2018

Peppermint Twist by Lynn Carter

Avatar/Yellow Macro – 01/2/2018

A Brighter Tomorrow by CJ Anderson


You may have 3 entries per day but they will be removed if they do not meet the rules of the group

All artwork must be clear with excellent focus and colorful. Close-up’s please. Only submit your best. Photography, painting, drawing will be accepted but must be colorful and follow the following rules.

Things you should check your image for before submitting.

- Is the focus such that you can clearly see the details of the flower.

- Is it a close up or macro of a real flower.

- Is it colorful – not black & white or sepia, or looks like B&W or sepia.

- If there is writing on the image it must not cover the flower in focus.

- no frames. no ipod, no iphone, no ipad

New rules accepted by Hosts Feb. 2014

We will accept up to three flowers in a picture that includes any that are faint so don’t think you can have three good ones and some fainter ones they will not be accepted. So if you have two and half flowers that will count as 3.

We will also accept into the group, butterflies, birds & bees. BUT they are not to be added unless a request is made for them for a “challenge”

When a challenge is run it is for exactly what the host is requesting ie -One flower doesn’t include one flower and a bird. If the challenge is for 2 flowers that does not mean two and half. You should get the idea. This way we can have a little more action in the group…Also be warned that the host who runs the challenge will continue to moderate even after voting has started.

What the Host asks for is what you should add nothing more or less & work must be in Group.

Jean does most of the moderation and has a trigger finger for pictures that do not obey the rules.

Any questions call Shirley by B/M.

- Is it so overly post processed we won’t even know it was a photograph of a flower.

- Image must be in our Gallery before entered into a Challenge. Hosts may participate in co-host challenge but not their own.

Do not be discouraged if your image is not accepted into the gallery. Some come very close to being accepted but just may lack that focus and clarity we need.

If one of your images does not get accepted, simply, browse our gallery to get acquainted with what we are looking for in your image and then get out there and capture some more enchanted flowers to submit.

See the group rules and join this group here

Your Hosts