Empowered Beauty Workshops

A collection of works from people attending the Empowered Beauty photographic workshops.

Recent Work

  • June Male Workshop by Tony Ryan
  • Night Lighting Workshop by Tony Ryan
  • July 18 art nude workshop by Tony Ryan
  • Passionate Presence by Tony Ryan
  • Fitness Workshops by Tony Ryan
  • Fasion and Fitness Workshop by Tony Ryan
  • Connection by Tony Ryan
  • Milk Crate by Tony Ryan
  • simple props by Tony Ryan
  • Private Workshop by Tony Ryan
  • Enter at Own Risk by Tony Ryan
  • Jan 18 art nude by Tony Ryan

About This Group

This is a group for people who are passionate about creativity and photography. Shots featured are selected from images taken by people attending the workshops. There will also be a range of instructional written pieces relating to a wide variety of photograhic skill sets. We are endeavouring to encourage people to be free with their photography and to truly create empowered images from their hearts. Whilst the workshops are currently in Melbourne only we are very open to running them anywhere in Australia and overseas.

Our workshops are run for any level of experience. They usually go for about 3 hours and have at least one model in attendance. Cost is $120 and everyone gets a chance to direct and photograph and the pace is very relaxed and casual. These workshops will be limited to 4 participants and will be staged every second Saturday or Sunday. My main passion is to help encourage open and honest communication between photographers and their subjects. To really enjoy the process of being creative and to become more aware as to how our inner feelings and thoughts affect others. Please feel free to bubblemail me direct if you would like more information on the workshops. Also offering studio hire and personal tuition. Personal tuition costs $100 and is available 7 days per week by appointment. Duration is 2.5 hours and we cover lighting, camera settings and model direction. Studio Hire is $40 per hour and you get full access to lights , props and myself if required.
Also here is a link to something I have written about the workshops. Workshop Structure

Best Wishes Tony

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