EMERGENCY SERVICES GROUP...(Group closed permanently) *THREE PER DAY* (No Products/ SHOPS Image Only, rejected otherwise)

NO POLITICAL VIEWS!....The Emergency Service Group, dedicated to all current Professional and Volunteer Emergency Services members. Including Security Officers, Vehicles, Buildings and Equipment & Guard Dogs.....

Recent Work

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  • Never Forget American Sacrifice by DJ Florek
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About This Group

This group is dedicated to all Emergency Service members, be they Professional or Volunteer the world over. They could be in the American Red Cross, Ambulance Service, the Police, Fire Brigade (Career and Volunteer), services such as the Australian State Emergency Service, Civil Defense Service, Lighthouses and Lifeguard Stations, Marine Search and Rescue such as the British, American and Netherlands Rescue boat services or the Australian/American Volunteer Coast Guard and Coastal Patrol and non-government emergency response units such as Industrial Fire Brigades run by companies such as Shell. Power companies and City/State/National emergency & utility vehicles and personnel also. We also accept BUILDINGS, Jails, Police/Fire Stations, etc old or new. Open or closed. Plus Equipment & Tools. It’s the dedication, professionalism and training of these people that help keep us safe. All media accepted……Regarding Dogs….We NOW accept them ‘On Their Own’, as long as the Police/Guarding/Rescue/Searching connection is MENTIONED in the Description!
We ALSO now accept NATIONAL, STATE, PROVIDENCE, DOMINION & COUNTRY FLAGS! If it represents YOUR Country, etc, its acceptable here! Close ups OK…….

*Images or works created using Public Domain or Stock images without crediting Artist/Company will be removed! It’s a violation of Copyright Laws!

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