Elemental: Earth, Wind, Fire and Water

Celebrating the elements that make up our wonderful planet. Elements listed only. No trees, no flowers, no fish, no animals, no cars, no houses, no birds,etc., no text. Minimum man-made. No frames or borders. Image only - no products.

Recent Work

  • Gushing Waters by Sandra Fortier
  • Painted Sky by metriognome
  • Just another Tequila sunset by eddiej
  • Crete: Lightshow on Mirabello Bay by Kasia-D
  • Renewal by Diogo Pereira
  • Storm Energy by Mark Haynes Photography
  • Christmas Eve storm by Bluesrose
  • Sunrise on Cook Inlet by Linda Sparks
  • Zambezi exiting Victoria Falls by Graeme  Hyde
  • Wind erosion ! by Barbara Caffell
  • Special Clouds ... by Angelika  Vogel
  • Leeuwin National Park by Angelika  Vogel

About This Group

This group is dedicated to the elements that make up our beautiful planet. It is meant to bring celebration, awareness and preservation of the beauty of planet earth. Earth: Soil, sand, rocks, gems, geological formations, etc…Wind: Anything atmospheric, clouds, wind, storms, rain, etc….Fire: Heat, flames, warmth, etc….Water: seas, inland waters, falls, drinking water, etc. We will be looking for quality work featuring one or more of earth’s elements. In addition, we will accept quality photojournalistic images that bring awareness to issues involving preservation of earth’s elements. The group will offer weekly features and monthly challenges as well as forums for discussion.

While objects, people and plants can be in the image, the focus should be on one of the elements, earth, wind, fire or water as described above – MINIMUM man-made

Challenge winners

Dry Landscape – Joint Winners

Kathy Weaver

Clare Colins

Avatar challenge – joint winners


Jola Martysz



Patterns in Rocks Joint Winners


Yair Karelic

Avatar – July 2017

Randy Richards

Avatar Challenge – Joint Winners

Imi Koetz


Fire Challenge

Kathy Weaver

Water Challenge

Lyn Evans

Avatar – April 2017 – Joint Winners

Imi Koetz


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