Earth and Heavens

A group showcasing the beauty in Earth and Sky. What a beautiful earth we live on! This group is about sharing that beauty from all around the world!


  • Angry Sea by dcdigital
  • Little Polar Bear, Tiny World Environmental Collection by ANoelleJay
  • Inspired by Sunspots by Kenneth Haley
  • USA. California. Stanford. Stanford University. by vadim19
  • Pure Sunset by Nuno Pires
  • Mixed Forest by Tamas Bakos
  • Autumn Colors in Plymouth, MN by Robin Clifton
  • Spring. Blooming Tree. by vadim19
  • Russula  by relayer51
  • The View I Have To Stop For by Kristin Repsher
  • Peak Colors by Eric Glaser
  • Aquamarine and Orange by Kristin Repsher
  • Orca Whale Marvels at the Melting Ice, Environmental # 4 by ANoelleJay
  • Sheep May Safely Graze by lezvee
  • October Forest (2) by LudaNayvelt
  • Twin Trees by Lozzar Landscape
  • Digging Deep by Lozzar Landscape
  • chapulín by Bernhard Matejka