Earth and Heavens

A group showcasing the beauty in Earth and Sky. What a beautiful earth we live on! This group is about sharing that beauty from all around the world!

Recent Work

  • Cracks in the Clouds by Kristin Repsher
  • G'mornin! by Polly Peacock
  • Hidden paradise by Liliamss
  • Griffon Vulture by Dominika Aniola
  • School Of Fish by Cynthia48
  • TWAS THE NIGHT BEFORE CHRISTMAS by WhiteDove Studio kj gordon
  • Skyfire by Kristin Repsher
  • Snow Baubles on the Shoreline by Kristin Repsher
  • driving in spain. autovia ruta de la plata by terezadelpilar ~ art & architecture
  • UFO Runway by Randy Richards
  • Baby Manatee taking a swim, Tiny World Environmental.jpg by ANoelleJay
  • Christmas Card for Pastor by Rosalie Scanlon

About This Group

We wanted to create a group to showcase the beauty of the world we live on. We are all surrounded by it, and each of us see it through different eyes.
Please share with us what you see, whether it be the Sky or the Earth we walk on.
Drawings, Photography, Painting, and Writings etc…

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