Eagles and Ospreys Only

Your best shots of an Eagle or an Osprey only. No other species of bird will be accepted.

  • The Great American Bald Eagle 2016-3 by Thomas Young
  • Wild Golden Eagle by Carl Olsen
  • Drying Out by akaurora
  • The Poser by akaurora
  • Wedge Tailed Eagle by mncphotography
  • That Moment by Thomas Young
  • Majestic by byronbackyard
  • Juvenile Bataleur Eagle by Michael  Moss
  • Bateleur Eagle by JMChown
  • Bald Eagle at Sunset by WorldDesign
  • Soar by TeresaB
  • Eagle Love by byronbackyard
  • Making Baby Ospreys! by Anthony Goldman
  • Looking Back by Thomas Young
  • Fresh Catch! by Anthony Goldman
  • American Bald Eagle 2015-17 by Thomas Young
  • Juvenile Bald Eagle Portrait v1 by JMChown
  •   Where Eagle's Dare by Rick Playle