Eagles and Ospreys Only

Your best shots of an Eagle or an Osprey only. No other species of bird will be accepted.

Recent Work

  • Osprey in Flight by AriasPhotos
  • Bald Eagle Fishing by Brian Tarr
  • Bald Eagle 2017-2 by Thomas Young
  • Muddy Talons 2017-1 by Thomas Young
  • Bald Eagle 2017-3 by Thomas Young
  • Bald Eagle 2017-4 by Thomas Young
  • Eagle Series 13 by Deborah  Benoit
  • Bald Eagle 2017-5 by Thomas Young
  • Bald Eagle 2018-1 by Thomas Young
  • Bald Eagle 2018-2 by Thomas Young
  • Bald Eagle 2018-3 by Thomas Young
  • The Wings Of An Eagle 2018 by Thomas Young

About This Group

This group focuses on photographic images and artwork of Eagles and Ospreys only. If in doubt please click here and here for details of the different species of Eagles and Ospreys that are acceptable to this group. Please name the species e.g Bald Eagle, Golden Eagle etc in the “description” section of your comments page.
Please do not submit snap shots, we are looking for clear, good quality photographs.
The group will not accept images of Eagle Owls or any other species of bird.


Joint winners of our Group Avatar challenge:

Sue Ratcliffe with Golden Eagle

Kent Keller with An Eagles Beginning

jozi1 with Osprey Portrait

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