Nothing Canon/Nikon, Interchangeable Lens Format Group [3/day]

This is the group for those with Interchangeable Lens that don't use the big 2


  • Sunrise on Quill Creek by Yukondick
  • Galapagos Mockingbird (Mimus parvulus bauri) by Yukondick
  • Catch of the Day by Yukondick
  • Alien Pyramid by Glen Allen
  • Opuntia helleri  by Yukondick
  • I wont let you go by strawberries
  • Rotterdam Erasmusbridge by Dirk van Laar
  • Reflections in the Park by Glen Allen
  • Grizzly Sow and Cub by Yukondick
  • Hanging On by Yukondick
  • Bove Island and Tagish Lake by Yukondick
  • End of the harvest by Matthew Larsen
  • Cloister Garden of Santa Chiara Monestary by Yukondick
  • Stewart Crossing B&W by Yukondick
  • Warnscale Beck by Jamie  Green
  • Tombstone Valley and Mountains in early October by Yukondick
  • Chilkoot River  by Yukondick
  • Mandrakinas Church by Yukondick