Nothing Canon/Nikon, Interchangeable Lens Format Group [3/day]

This is the group for those with Interchangeable Lens that don't use the big 2

  • Buttermere by Jamie  Green
  • A Cool Mountain Stream by Jamie  Green
  • Drake Wood Duck by Jamie  Green
  • Thor by Jamie  Green
  • The Road To Elgol by Jamie  Green
  • Fleetwith Pike to Haystacks by Jamie  Green
  • Golden Sunset by Dave Callaway
  • "Griffith Island Gold" by Phil Thomson IPA
  • Metung Eve by Dave Callaway
  • There is a crack in everything... by phil hemsley
  • Picnic on the Beach by Trevor Kersley
  • The Jetty And The Photographer by Jamie  Green
  • "Lonsdale Tempest" by Phil Thomson IPA
  • "Dynamic Dawning" by Phil Thomson IPA
  • Tamarama Beach by JodieT
  • Reflections at Garstang Canal by Darren Kitchen
  • The Fishing Lake #2 by Sandra Cockayne
  • Lemaire Channel, Antarctica by Neville Jones