The FENCE group

A group about fences.

Recent Work

  • Colourful Bridge Barrier  by cjcphotography
  • Wairarapa Country by Barbara Caffell
  • Winter Closing In by Nadya Johnson
  • Through the Fence by Linda Makiej
  • Evening Peace by Tibby Steedly
  • Creeping Vines by Scott Mitchell
  • A Honey Bee Doing What Honey Bees Do by Len Bomba
  • BEHIND THE FENCE by Pauline Evans
  • Hey! NO laying down on the job! by Nadya Johnson
  • Country Gate  by cjcphotography
  • Paddock Gate by Barbara Caffell
  • Horse Sense by Nadya Johnson

About This Group

This group is for fences….. just fences.
To get an idea of what we’re after, have a look at the featured section.
We don’t want pictures that have a glimpse of a fence way off in the background, or a photo of an animal that is the main focus and happens to have a fence around it…..we just want to see your photos that showcase those glorious fences.

There are few ‘rules’ other than to limit uploads to two per day.

See the group rules and join this group here

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