Disintegration Collaboration (DisCo)

A Collaboration with Nature to Create new Art Materials and Art Work

About This Group

“The Disintegration Collaboration (fondly known as the DisCo Project) was inspired by Mixed Media Artist Seth Apter’s captivation with the effects of time and nature on various materials..the idea being to collaborate with Nature to create new materials and then new art…instead of buying new, lets reuse, but also let nature help us…

Note…this group is different from other groups, in that you must participate by creating a bundle of your own, and provide on going photos of the progress of the weathering process…this is essential if you wish to remain a member of the group

Seth assembled a “bundle” of dictionary pages, painted them loosely with gesso, tied the bundle with twine, and hung it outside on his New York City balcony. He watched it for four months, through all kinds of weather, and then went on to create a new art book with the resulting “weathered” supplies.

Seth later invited his artist friends to do the same, resulting in 123 artists creating their own bundles and exposing them to the elements. The bundles were assembled using everything from book pages, ribbons, and fabrics, to sticks, metal keys, and clips. Many artists also added paints, powders, and inks to the package to see what effect Nature would have on them”..Quote from Cloth Paper Scissors

The challenge is for Redbubble artists to do the same…anything goes…create your bundle, leave it out to age, then turn it into a work of art…


Computer paper
Book Paper or old books
Printing paper
Old music sheets
Old discarded watercolour paintings
Old phone books

Gesso (this would be a good thing to do before anything else as it would prevent the paper from deteriorating completely in the rain, but don’t do a solid coating…available at any art supply shop)
Acrylic paints and mediums
Tea and teabags…leave the bags there
Coffee and coffee grounds
Spray paint

Metal or rusty objects
Anything that might leave interesting marks

Write stories,
Do collages on other surfaces
Add photos
Scan and make layers for photos
Greeting cards
Add wording
Use Photoshop to play with the weathered paper
Stitch them up on your sewing machine
Do Drawings
Scan for Tshirt decorations
Papier Mache bowls and sculpture

This project is suitable for Painters, Mixed Media Artists, Photographers and Writers and best of all it’s GREEN

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Membership of the group is by invite only.

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