For images of humans and animals who are affected in some way with a mental, physical or other disability

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*I love this group (of course) but every pic I see has a way of touching my heart in its own different way..
Some make me smile, Some make cry, some make me sit back and take a good look at myself, and others just make me ask Why??
Each image has its own story to tell, its own History..

This is what makes this group so special….

Thank you all for sharing



Lady in Red
By Ellenspaintings
Congratulations Ellenspaintings for being our first Superfeature!


All our banners are the work of Baina

Thanks Baina for all your hard work! :)

This group is for images of people and animals who are affected in some way with a mental, physical or any other kind of disability
they could be -

Anything in relation to some one or an animal in need of help, receiving help or it could be the helper themselves. We also accept works featuring family members, friends and work mates. _

I know what it is like to be Disabled and to look after someone who is Disabled.
See I am Legally Blind and have been for 3 1/2 years..and my son (Scott) is intellectually disabled and has Learning difficulties. View story Here

We will happily accept all forms of works…*

People with a disability who want to submit images of a different subject matter please feel free to enter them here
Disability and Beauty
Artists with Disabilities

So please feel free to join and to share your story, be it through writing, a journal an image or even just stop by and look and comment would be most appreciative..

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From the Heart

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