Disability and Beauty

A place where photographers and artists with limited mobility or other disabilities can display their artwork.


  • autumnwind

    no title by autumnwind

    giving your all
    is not wise

    even though
    it is
    what you do
    who you are

    disappointment is inevitable

    you will fall
    and wonder
    why the world
    isn’t filled
    with soul clones

    it isn’t

    now don’t you feel stupid

    42 words
  • lezvee

    Autumn In Devon by lezvee

    AUTUMN in its wonderful cloak of so many beautiful colours, rusty green, yellow, orange and red all sitting together to make one glorious whole.
    Beautiful Devon.

    101 words
  • Charldia

    His Shoulders by Charldia

    I shiver from the immediate loss of heat as he quietly slips out of bed.
    I hear him cry, pace, pray as he’s done night after night.
    The squeak of the front porch door lets me know he’s stepped outside.…

    347 words
  • Polly Peacock

    The Hard, Cold Reality of Gratitude by Polly Peacock

    Riddled with HIV and starving with nothing to eat, she was thinking about her two children.

    A short story and call for help written by © Polly A Peacock 2017

    460 words
  • Anne Gitto

    A man who believed God would supply all his needs by Anne Gitto

    He would not let circumstances to be permitted to rob
    him of God’s promises

    446 words
  • Polly Peacock

    Circle Dance with Gratitude by Polly Peacock

    This short story/poem is about unconditional love and unconditional love lost.

    2326 words
  • Charldia

    What If Christ Came This Christmas Eve Instead of Santa by Charldia

    Something to think on this Christmas:…

    What if you were expecting Santa on Christmas Eve but Christ came instead
    A trumpet instead of bells and hoof beats, in the Nursery an empty bed
    Children expecting

    105 words
  • autumnwind

    writing project: day two by autumnwind

    she reminds me of Bombay Sapphire
    long sexy stem
    dry smile
    distinctly honest
    with an unexpected splash of wit
    you certainly did not expect…

    aged well
    chilling kindness
    with a side of sarcasm
    so thirsted for

    71 words
  • Charldia

    Rowing the Last Mile by Charldia

    Row, row, row your boat
    Gently down the stream
    But rowing down this River of Life
    Isn’t as easy it seems.…

    There’s been choppy waters
    And the weather’s been rough.
    There’s been shallows and deeps
    Rocky bott

    189 words
  • TheCandle

    HeartBreak by TheCandle

    all my tomorrows are bruised blind
    my charcoal boat moves slowly
                                 on obsidian seas
    My heart beat searches Silence loudly,
    punctuating the emptiness with even less

    210 words
  • Nadya Johnson

    Itinerary, Lost by Nadya Johnson

    I had a plan…
    for being old

    743 words
  • Charldia

    Patiently Waiting by Charldia

    It’s so cold here without you,
    No sun to warm my face
    My heart is so heavy
    It beats with unsyncappated pace.…

    This wilderness through which I travel
    Is desolate, dark and bare
    I search for a glimmer of h

    238 words
  • Lyndy

    Is there a thing? by Lyndy

    Is there a thing?
    Or a feeling
    Not held by
    A human being

    108 words
  • Charldia

    Leave It There by Charldia

    Sniffles and sobs, tears running down her cheeks, the little girl ran to her Daddy.
    “Daddy, Daddy”, she cried, I broke my dolly’s head off. Can you fix it?…

    Her Daddy hugged her, took the doll and star

    351 words
  • Charldia

    The Cauldron of Emotions by Charldia

    A cauldron of emotions bubbling and brewing inside
    Some make us proud, some we want to hide.
    Some emotions run parallel, never to intersect
    Some separated by a very thin line, others by chasms wide.

    261 words
  • DrewjLutrec

    Yes it's you! //. Now there's the Russian girl.......w... by DrewjLutrec

    Now there’s the Rusksian girl…

    They’d claimed drugs won 7 times
    Banned who worked the strategy
    illegal but can! be done
    Those who ban drugs did declare.

    Now banned sweet girl from Russia
    Said her medici

    185 words
  • Charldia

    A World of Betrayal by Charldia

    Betrayal is a venomous serpent
    Coiled around a breaking heart
    Poised waiting to strike for the main attack
    To destroy a soul with that final lethal bite…

    You gave your heart, you gave your all
    To the lov

    606 words
  • autumnwind

    forevermore by autumnwind

    i also carry your heart with me;
    for now that chance ensued
    i am bathed in sunlight (since the fate
    of you) as warm as breeze and breath
    exist, i shall inhale (while life sings
    it’s gift of you) the …

    135 words