★Face to Face★ - Portraits of People

The artwork must identify as a portrait, with the face being the main point of interest.

Recent Work

  • Study by Cameron Hampton
  • Swans of the sky by KiVie
  • Untitled by AnnaAsche
  • KEVIN COSTNER by DrawingArt1964
  • Océane's message by KiVie
  • Passer-by by Farfarm
  • Edward by Ida Jokela
  • REd by Ida Jokela
  • Simplicity by Jennifer Rhoades
  • White dream by KiVie
  • Gilberte by Gilberte
  • NOTT by shadowlea

About This Group

★Face to Face★ – Portraits of People

A portrait is a picture of a person, showing only the face or head and shoulders.

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