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Music/Gig Posters

Erland Howden Erland Howden 25 posts

Hey all, putting a call out for people to showcase their work on gig posters if they do that kind of thing. I’ve just started working for someone doing small gigs in pubs around Sydney.

To kick things off:

Faizan Qureshi Faizan Qureshi 5629 posts

I like that first one a lot…

…and if you’re accepting criticism, the kerning seems a little off on it.

Erland Howden Erland Howden 25 posts

Oh, and one more, hot off the press:

Erland Howden Erland Howden 25 posts

Yeah, you’re right about the kerning – thanks for that – I really only had a few hours to do it and it’s a pretty sketchy typeface but I still liked the look of it.

Thanks again for the feedback.

MuscularTeeth MuscularTeeth 506 posts

sort of related – less a gig but more letting people know my music is coming out soon

Erland Howden Erland Howden 25 posts

Hey MuscularTeeth, I like it.

jordyn sleep jordyn sleep 24 posts

i dont know if your still looking but i stumbled across this forum and thought of one of my peices. i thought it could give u sum ideas. sorry i dont know how to put the picture there