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This group is dedicated to the wonders of Graphic Design.

Recent Work

  • Hollow man by Evgenia Chuvardina
  • The Same Root by Khotekmei
  • Enjoy the little things by Tyler
  • What lovely weather we are having... by Mehdals
  • Panda Love  by Emma Vitale
  • Color Your Life With Love Amazing Design by TeaShirtZ
  • A Little Progress Each Day Adds Up To Big Results by Tyler
  • Waiting for the big wave by OwlyChic
  • Pink - Ice Blue / Abstract Polygon Crystal Cubism Low Poly Triangle Design by badbugs
  • Dreams Don't Work Unless You Do by Tyler
  • I've seen it owl by OwlyChic
  • Owly climbing the coloured Holy Mountain by OwlyChic

About This Group

If you’re a Graphic Designer and you’ve done some awesome design work that you would like share with the world, then this is the place. Everything design is welcome e.g. logos, banners, posters, concept work, etc. As long as it covers the design guidelines that is: The design synthesis’s with information, composition and colour to create something that portrays your message, warning, accusation or whatever it may be with beauty and harmony.

But if you think that your logo you did for your papa’s lawnmower business is beautiful then send it in… maybe it is… but most likely it will be judged and criticized for hours and then spat out like most graphic designers have had done to them :)

Have fun.

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